About us


At Muscle Nerds we pride ourselves for having not only amazing educators and coaches but also the most motivated and passionate ones.



I wrote you guys a really nice and detailed about me, but Zoe said it was too long-winded. So, here’s the Reader’s Digest version but apparently you can click through to read more if for some odd reason you wanted to. I’m the big boss around here, the head honcho…or at least, Zoe tries her best to let me think that.

Disgruntled with the industry and the lack of empathy and science, Zoe and I decided to start Muscle Nerds in 2015. In that time we’ve gone from not knowing anything about starting and running a business, to creating a highly successful online training and education platform.

The idea for Muscle Nerds started in 2013, when a colleague of mine started a spoof page on Facebook called, “Muscle Nerd Leaman.” Muscle Nerd, absolute brilliance. I kept that idea in the back of my mind until Zoe made it a reality.

I’m the big picture person in the company, the dreamer. I create concepts and ideas, and Zoe makes it happen. I’ve never been much for the details, so together, along with our staff, we make a complete and conquering machine, like Voltron.

My daily activities include pestering Zoe, auditing and managing our online training, research and development, creating course material, lecturing, networking, deal-making, and staring at the wall waiting for ideas to pop up. I also practice Jiu-Jitsu on Daisy periodically through the day.



About Me’s are the hardest things to write. You feel you have a pretty good grip on who you are and what you stand for until you have to put it into words. Written words that is. Because no one gets talkers block – we only get writers block (what’s up with that by the way?!)

In short, I’m a Co-Founder of Muscle Nerds. I’ve been with the Company since day dot – although you could argue it was brewing in the background long before Luke and I gave it a legal structure. My sole role in the Company is to try and keep some form of order – not only in our accounts, in our team, and in our admin processes, but in our methods to our madness as well.

I am inquisitive by nature and I love to learn. (Almost as much as I love Luke, Daisy, reading, and having a tidy house). So if you don’t find me working at my laptop, studying at my laptop, cleaning my house or at the dog park, you’ll see me in some shape or form trying to get Luke to either stop trying to pick things off the floor with his toes or getting him to take his coffee mixed with water instead of eating the granules dry off a table spoon.



“I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions”
– Stephen Covey

We all have a story. A reason why we are where we are today. There is no reason why we cannot start rewriting where we want to go.
My passion for health, training and nutrition came about like an overnight obsession. I faced challenges growing up that one day flicked a switch which turned my world upside down. I could tell you about my education, my university degree, the countless seminars I attend to consistently stay atop my game and my relentless pursuit in studying and mentoring to ensure I always provide results. That is not how this started though. It started with the most torturously slow 50m jog while drenched in sweat and having every fibre in my body scream at me to stop and give up. Consistency, patience and a relentless desire to be the best is everything I am.



Margs came into the fitness industry in 2009, driven by the urge to share what she’d learnt as she rehabilitated from a motorcycle accident.
Since then, she has been on a mission to learn as much as she can and share what she’s learnt with whoever cares to listen.

She’s a personal trainer, a group fitness instructor, she mentors personal trainers, she’s a fitness and motivational writer, and she coaches the Metamorph group training program for Muscle Nerds.

She describes her personal training style as ‘tough love wrapped in kindness’. She specialises in post-physio rehabilitation, and loves nothing more than working with someone to bring their confidence in movement back.

Oh, and did we mention she is vegan?



Hi! I’m Del! I’ve been a part of the Muscle Nerds team since March 2018. I’m a mum to the most kind hearted 3 year old Piper who has a beautiful soul that I am so incredibly proud of!

When you enquire about any of the Muscle Nerds Services, I’ll be the one you talk to! I’ve been doing sales, customer service, and finance for the team since I started and I absolutely love getting to you know you all – this industry really has some gems hidden amongst it and the Muscle Nerds seem to have a knack for bringing them out of the wood work. I enjoy talking to every single one of you and I love being a part of the community that we are building.

I moved from NZ in 2012, where prior to that I worked in radio after attending radio school. Let’s just say I enjoy a good yarn! I also enjoy baking and watching people eat my baking – it’s just a pity so many of you are Gluten Free. Perhaps I should get the Gluten Free cook books out…



You are all probably thinking “who is this kid…?” As Luke would say I’m the coaches PA (he wishes).

I’m the other (better) half to Shane and am patiently waiting to be a graduate in June 2019 with a Sports and Exercise Science Degree. It has been a long three and half years but I’m ready to use everything I have learned and I know my journey to learning has only just started.

You may see my name pop up here and there or you may see me but at seminars but I am the back bone to Shane to ensure he eats, sleeps, poops and gets his work done.



I’m Daisy!

When Mum and Dad rescued me, my name was Meg. But Dad didn’t like that – he thought it reminded him of Family Guy, so he changed it to Daisy. Mum and Dad tell me every day that I’m the most important member of the Muscle Nerds family. I’m not very athletic (I have bad hips and bad knees you see) but I am VERY smart. I’ve figured out how to open the front door so I let myself out whenever I want. Because I’m so independent Mum and Dad make me employee of the month every month. I pretty much run the show though, all I need to do is cry and I’ll get whatever I want. Humans are so easy to manipulate.