Kosta Mastromihalis

Name: Kosta Mastromihalis

Location: Adelaide, SA

Instagram: kosta_mastro

Coach: Luke Leaman

Client for: 13 months

Goals: Double bodyweight front squat + PR in 12k run; 2x powerlifting meets

Training methods used: First 4 methods:

Conjugate style posterior chain – upper back emphasis to improve deadlift and front squat, mixed anaerobic/aerobic work to build cardiac output.

Plateau 8,8,8,6,6,4,4 – Posterior chain, upper back emphasis to improve deadlift and front squat, VO2 max conditioning 

High Rep Training & 200m and 800m conditioning – transferring from resistance emphasis to conditioning emphasis to get ready for 12k

Lower volume resistance training – to maintain strength, transferring to endurance work. 1600m repeats and 5k repeats.

Current training method:

Kostagate – Conjugate style training with ME lifts on one day and RE lifts on the other. The goal is to increase bodyweight and work toward next powerlifting meet.

MN: Why did you choose to work with Muscle Nerds?

“I initially chose to work with Luke after attending a course and seeing how much care and effort went into all clients at Muscle Nerds. His in depth knowledge about health and fitness really stood out to and he has not let down as a coach!”

MN: What do you feel your notable achievements have been since working with Luke?

“In my time working with Luke I’ve been able to achieve huge personal best in my 12km run – taking 4 minutes off my previous best and running it in under 50 minutes which was a life time goal.

He has also helped me smash some big strength personal best –  I have completed a double body weight front squat, completed a triple body weight deadlift increasing it from 230kg-255kg, increased my back squat from 200-225kg, bench press from 140-155kg & now qualified for a national powerlifting competition.”
MN: Anything else you would like to add?
As a trainer myself working with a muscle nerds coach hasn’t only helped me achieve great physical results but also given me an in depth understanding about how to correctly program for clients going forward. I could not recommend Muscle Nerds more highly!
Plans moving forward with Kosta’s training:
“Plan is to focus on powerlifting and work toward 300kg deadlift” – Luke.