Rachel Barnette

Name: Rachel Barnette

Location: Nashville, TN

Instagram: rachelraebarnette

Coach: Shane O’Leary

Client Since: July 2018

Goals: When Rachel came to us her goals were to improve her health, get her body fat down to the high teens, and she wanted to be able to beast mode without to being detrimental to her health.

Training Methods Used:

12,10,8,8 – Hypertrophy / Functional hypertrophy

8,8,8,6,6 – Functional hypertrophy / strength

Modified GBC – Metabolic adaptations

Giant Sets – Metabolic adaptations

12,12,10,10,8,8 – Hypertrophy

GBC – High focus metabolic 

MN: Why did you choose to work with Muscle Nerds?

“I chose to work with Muscle Nerds because I was tired of constantly trying to figure out my body and I was getting to a point where my health was taking a hit from my lifestyle at the time. I was training, coaching, a college professor, and running my own small business. My quality of life was decreasing day by day and something had to change. I had worked with other coaches in the past, but no one ever seemed to take the time to look at my entire case and treat me as an individual. It felt like protocol this or template that, when both were the last thing I needed. I was also particular about who I worked with because I was was bringing a lot to the table with some past health issues and surgeries, and so many other coaches in the past just had me cut calories or never educated me on the why. Looking back, I can see where other coaches really messed me up. So I really needed to make sure that I could trust the next coach I worked with. That trust was extremely important to me. And as a coach myself, the education was extremely important to me as well. So after listening to a few podcasts that Luke had spoken on, I decided that if he and his team couldn’t help me feel better, I wasn’t sure who could. Working with Muscle Nerds was almost like a Hail Mary for me and I’m so glad it worked out.”

What do you feel your notable achievements have been since working with Shane?

“I eat so much fucking food, haha. But really, the most notable achievements I’ve seen over the last 7-8 months that I’ve been working with Muscle Nerds is my quality of life. My stress levels are massively down, I eat a fuck ton of food (currently cutting on 3,000 calories – who cuts on 3k cals?), my mental game is back (research is my life), my training is challenging and fun for me (which is hard for me sometimes because of my athletic background), and my quality of coaching is better now that I can function optimally.”

MN: Anything else you would like to add?

“Working with Muscle Nerds has absolutely changed my life for the better. When I came to Muscle Nerds, I was feeling hopeless that I would never feel “right” again. I have a heavy past filled with an eating disorder, autoimmune issues, multiple surgeries, and my health and coaching was taking a hit due to my lifestyle at the time. I was insanely busy and my overall quality of life was dropping. When I found Muscle Nerds, it was my last “let’s see if this coach can help me” attempt. I have a lot of humans that I show up for daily, and I was losing my ability to show up for them because I was struggling to get through the days.

I have worked with so many people in the past, but no one was ever able to really help me feel good. Over the last 7-8 months that I’ve been with Muscle Nerds, we’ve been able to not only improve my quality of life on all levels, but we’re able to challenge me as well. I came to the table under eating massively, and now we’ve never dropped below 2,900 calories. EVERRRRRR. (Shane, I know you’re reading this. Please don’t pull calories right now just in spite of this comment).

What I love most about Muscle Nerds is how attentive they are and how individualized everything is. I had a massive breakthrough a few months in when I was really stuck. During this time, Shane had reached out to check on me and how I was doing. From there, we hopped on a call and took everything to the whiteboard. We found that I was unhappy and overworking. But mainly unhappy. I was living in accordance to an old identity and what others were speaking over me – not in accordance with what I wanted. After that chat, I had some major breakthrough. The breakthrough didn’t happen one on one with Shane, but he asked some questions that I sat on, processed, and really took to heart. I was able to expand on them and really start to make some shifts in my identity and who I wanted to be. A lot of that wasn’t just through working with Muscle Nerds directly; however, Muscle Nerds holds space for people to work through stuff if they’re willing to do the work. Shane was able to see that something was wrong with me, and I was willing to do the emotional work that really needed some attention. To me, that’s massive, because most coaches wouldn’t have caught that. They would tell you to hit your macros and do your program and that’s it. But Shane was able to notice that something was going on with me, help me process some, give me space to work through everything, and then change programming and move forward accordingly. Muscle Nerds has helped me with so much and I look forward to what we continue to find as we keep working together.”

Plan Moving Forward:

“Rachel and I have worked very closely to build to where we are now with her aesthetics and health marker improvements. As always, if you want to know where to start with a client, you need to know where they have been. For Rachel, she has a strong history of highly competitive sports and a massive drive towards changing women’s health for the better. She was used to beasting life in every way, however her health markers and bodily state suggested a change was needed. Rachel started by accepting she would need to do less of what she wanted, and more of what she needed. Thru this dedication, consistent communication and willingness to accept help, she has earned the right to train with some very intense protocols and as you would see by her shared journey, is losing fat and looking amazing without starving herself. 2019 is the year we see what Rachel is truly capable of and dial in every aspect of her training and nutrition as she once again continues to help others all while showing what’s truly possible with patience, consistency and a positive attitude.”