Sam Slaughter

Name: Sam Slaughter

Location: Billericay, Essex UK

Instagram: samslaughter_

Coach: Shane O’Leary

Client For: 8 months

Goals: Regain full health, healthy bodyweight, energy, earn the ability to train hard and exceed previous levels, gain structural balance, mobility, and postural improvement.

Training Methods Used:

High Rep Circuits – Reduce training time and focus on mitochondrial health

15,12,10 – Strength endurance and intro hypertrophy 

6,6,8,8,10 – Functional hypertrophy with an upper and lower split 

Modified Giant Sets – Metabolic & mitochondrial health focus 

Modified Giant Sets 2 – Continued health improvements and building work capacity 

10,10,6,6,6 – Functional hypertrophy

15,12,10,15,12,10 – Hypertrophy and strength endurance (reset period)

8,8,8,12,12 – Hypertrophy 

9,9,7,7,5,5 – Functional hypertrophy 

Plan moving forward:

Sam is a highly dedicated and motivated client who has worked closely with me since day 1 on ensuring recovery was always prioritised and he fuelled his body accordingly to his goals. Training was never an issue for Sam, but knowing how much his body could tolerate, how much food he needed, prioritising conditioning, and scheduling in downtime and hobbies was the first areas we needed to engrain as habits.

Habits take time to form. Recovery takes time depending on history. For Sam and I we relied heavily on objective data and subjective feedback, that is ‘what was he noticing and feeling’ and ‘what were his metrics showing’. This has not been an easy journey for Sam but his biggest winning trait, patience and consistency. It’s been 8 months and Sam and I have only just started to experience some of his biggest personal achievements. 8 months. His body needed time to get out of the hole it was in and restore his health. We still have many more areas to completely restore but Sam will continue to move from strength to strength and ensure it’s maintained because of his willingness to be patient and consistent. Sam is earning the right to train hard and with an average lean mass gain of 1.4kg a month he has shown us that anything is possible, no matter where you start, as long as you focus on the journey ahead and prioritise health first without falling for a “quick fix” or “an easy way out”. We have another 5kg to add this year, then we dial in on specific localised growth and goals.

Sam mate, I am extremely proud of you!

PS. Follow him for his nutritional information alone, the man is a genius in the kitchen!

MN: Why did you choose to work with Muscle Nerds?

“I’ll start with a brief background on my journey, as this provides a true representation of the outstanding, and life-changing results real coaching can produce. Hold tight this is about to get real deep people.

Feeling like and looking like death on crack cocaine may sound like a good Friday night to some. I can, however, confirm it’s not fun to feel like that 24/7. I was burning the candle at both ends (I wasn’t actually doing crack cocaine, just a lot of caffeine and nicotine lol), I coached full time, trained 7-14 times per week,  and studied full time for my masters. I learnt stress hormones are an amazing fuel source (lol) for a time, BUT that isn’t sustainable. I CRASHED… HARD… my body and my mind fell to pieces, but the (driven and somewhat illogical) person I am pushed through.

Then I REALLY CRASHED, I had to stop working, training, anything really for ~18 months. My mind, my body, was a mess. Depressed, anxious, unsociable, fatigued, terrible digestion. I Struggled to walk upstairs… for me this was PAINFUL. Having always been that guy that was athletic, who excelled in every sport and maintained a physique many wanted effortlessly was now a brainless, non-functional skeleton. I had spent thousands of £’s and hours looking for the answers, trying to get well. I managed to get myself back into a ‘semi functional’ state, but the Sam everyone knew just still wasn’t present.

Having followed Lukes work for years I had an awareness and confidence in the passion, integrity and experience he and the Muscle Nerds team present in their work. I knew the value of having a coach, as I am in the business, and I knew I needed help. However, when you are of a certain mind type, and you’ve been stuck in a deep dark place it is difficult to reach out, show vulnerability and place trust in the hands of another. I 100% felt “ if Muscle Nerds can’t help me then who can?” So I took the plunge and reached out to Muscle Nerds and NEVER looked back.”

MN: What do you feel your notable achievements have been since working with Shane?

“Although my transformation with Shane on the surface looks very much physical (+11kg), that has been only a small part of the puzzle we have pieced together. Since starting I have regained so much clarity within my life, changed my perceptions and regained control of my HEALTH. My mental state is so strong again that I am now able to tolerate greater degrees of stress without the negative effects and work toward personal and professional goals with clarity rather than confusion. On a lighter note (LOL) I am also getting good at video games again, I am ENJOYING training again, and eating A LOT of food, without any digestive distress… but more importantly, I am HEALTHY and enjoying every aspect of my life and have a smile on my face (most of the time) rather than as Shane once put it “lookinng like you want to kill Batman” hahaha.”

MN: Anything else you would like to add?

“During the initial phases, I was very burnt out, and the thought often crossed my mind of whether I would ever feel real energy again, be able to train hard again, be the best person and coach possible. I had lost my ability to serve myself and therefore serve others in my life (loved ones, clients etc.). Patience and perseverance paid off and THANKFULLY we made it… Sam is back. Although we always have new goals, aspects to improve upon I am back in a place I honestly didn’t think was possible. Has it been tough at times? Yep. BUT the journey has been amazing, and I have learnt so much about myself, and what TRULY matters to me deep down.

Muscle Nerds coaching isn’t just coaching, it’s more than physical transformation, it’s personal, it’s your health, but its a team that runs on integrity 100% of the way. There is reasoning within everything decision made, they consider your history, where you currently are, where you need to be and when. If you have a question on why a certain method is being employed, the rationale will be provided, there is no guesswork. This is what makes Muscle Nerds magic.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot… Shane has done an “alright” job I suppose. He has been wicked throughout the entire process, he understood exactly what I required through each phase, knew what my body was/wasnt capable of and as a result consistent progress presented through the entire process. Through all of this though I didn’t bank on finding a good friend. I am truly grateful for all of your support and guidance and it has been a privilege to have you play such a big role in my rebirth. An exceptional coach and an even more exceptional geezer! I am coming for you mate!! (Just give me my carbs back haha).”