Luke Foden

Name: Luke Foden

Location: England

Instagram: fodens_elite_training

Coach: Luke Leaman

Client for: Just under 1 year

Goals: First goal was to get lean without losing performance or lean body mass. Now the goal is to build lean body mass.

Training Methods Used: 

First few phases:

Antagonistic Supersets 10-12 rep range + MetCons & aerobics – To build work capacity and food volume

5×5 & VO2 Max Work – To build strength and get conditioning up

Giant Sets + 30/240 conditioning – The start of metabolic programming 

Mechanical Advantage Giant Sets – Continuation of metabolic programming 

Last few phases:

10×5 GVT (70%) + 4-5% Principle

9,8,7,6,5 (80%) with MetCon

Conjugate Brick with Mixed Conditioning (VO2max, aerobic intervals, 30/240) – Last phase of cut

10,8,6 (77.5%) – Start of growth phase

Plan moving forward:

To grow to 90kg while maintaining leanness and to increase lifts to world class levels – 8,6,4 (82.5%) wave loading.

MN: Why did you choose to work with Muscle Nerds?

“I was following Luke for quite a while, I loved his approach on stress. After changing my career and having a lot going on in my personal life I realised it was about time I put some self focus on my self and managed my own stress.

The way Muscle Nerds put your health first then the performance will follow is pretty limited in this industry.

I also wanted to learn more about the career I chose, so why not choose one of the best?

Another thing that impressed me about Luke and Muscle Nerds is the way they approach social media. We’re in a world where people/companies are obsessed with being social media famous, but everyone at Muscle Nerds are CLIENT FIRST.”

MN: What do you feel your notable achievements are since working with Luke?

“Where do I start? EVERYTHING.

One thing that really stands out to me is my relationship with food. I have and can quite easily go months without putting any of them delicious sweet sugary foods in my mouth ha.

My mental state has totally changed. With me focusing a bit more on my self, it’s also helped me be more productive and focus on my own clients.

I had major knee pain for 12 months and bam… Luke worked around it, knee pain non-existent!

There’s so much to learn with Muscle Nerds, I’m in no rush. Really excited to see where the next couple of years go.”