Nutrition Foundations Workshop

Muscle Nerds Foundations Course

Our Foundation Course is just that – a collection of the foundational, base knowledge that every trainer must know to be a head above the rest.

The course gives you tools to first assess the individual needs of your clients and then be able fulfil those needs. Every client you have is a complex being, and they are individualised in their complexity.

We provide you with the knowledge to be able to look at and understand things at a deeper layer. The difference this extra layer of knowledge provides is invaluable to your client, their experience with you, their results, and their health.

The Muscle Nerds Foundation Course is a 3 day in-person seminar with an online pre-course component.

The online modules cover an introduction to the following topics:

  • The Physiology of Stress

    How it impacts your clients and their results

  • Digestion and Assimilation

    From plate to cell

  • Bioenergetics

    How ATP is made

  • Metabolic Syndrome

  • Thyroid Physiology

  • Insulin Physiology

The 3-day Seminar delves deeper into these topics and covers practical applications you can use with yourself and with your clients immediately.  These will be tools that will enable you to assess the above factors and make improvements on them to optimise your clients results and health.

The information covered throughout the entirety of this course is a stepping stone to deeper learnings, deeper understandings, and more efficient and effective application.

Upon completion of the course, you will still have access to all of the pre-course videos, you will receive copies of any slides used throughout the 3 days, and you will have access to our Post Workshop Support Forum on Facebook where you will have ongoing access to the Muscle Nerds team to ensure you continue to learn on the topics taught.

"Luke has a wonderful, no BS style of teaching that gets to the core of fat loss issues. Many of the things I learnt go against "conventional" fitness industry trends and forces you to look at the most recent up-to-date data. I'd highly recommend any personal trainer or coach to take this course who is looking to think outside the box and push their beliefs for the benefit of their clients"

- Ian McWalter, Vancouver.

"The Muscle Nerds Level 1 and 2 education has been nothing short of a breath of fresh air. Here is a group of individuals that are moving the needle, in a positive direction, in the health and fitness industry. Luke, Zoe, and Isaac have turned programming on its head with a health first approach. Muscle Nerds Education has a focused intent to deliver optimal results with a practical approach for the largest sector of the market, the general population. The value I've found from the Muscle Nerds Level 1 and Level 2 education is what needs to be happening to reach problems like the 80,000 lower limb amputees from diabetes in the United States annually. I cannot thank Luke, Zoe, and Isaac enough. A top-notch education at an affordable price, every professional in the fitness industry should take these courses. With gratitude, I am truly grateful to this group of coaches".

- JD Arnott, Dogtown Fitness, Santa Monica, CA.

Interested in a Nutrition Foundations Workshop?

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