Will Foden

Name: Will Foden

Location: Singapore

Instagram: @willfoden

Coach: Shane O’Leary

Client for: 4 months

Goals: Lose body fat, stay as strong and powerful  as possible for BJJ, and get healthy.  Will wanted to learn to measure, assess, and understand what his body is doing via HRV, blood pressure, measuring blood glucose as he could see some things in his health that needed attention.

Notable Achievements:  A picture speaks a thousand words, and when you look at Will’s pictures, you can see the 1000% effort he gives in every area of his life. When Will came to us he had the strength to move a house, but in a sport like BJJ having strength without speed, agility and mobility is like swimming with concrete boots on – it’s all dead weight. Will trusted us to take his training and completely redesign the approach to focus on his goals. Strength was not an issue. Health, excess body fat, speed and work capacity all needed to be addressed. BJJ is not a conventional movement pattern so we train Will with some more unconventional styles and exercises and after a few sessions learning the movements, he crushes them like he does his opponents. Will’s most notable achievement? His open-mindedness. For someone who came bearing a few battle scars and limitations, his willingness to continually show up, put in the work, follow the recipe and not try and be the chef has led to outstanding improvements across the board.

Training Methods Used:

  • GBC For Athletes 1
  • GBC for Athletes 2
  • GBC for Athletes 3
  • Ascending Velocity 2 week reset
  • GBC for Athletes 4

The phases are built around building complexity of movements and establishing ranges of movement that Wills body is unaccustomed to.  A combination of gymnastic movements and explosive weightlifting techniques has been blended to provide a fully rounded BJJ specific program outside of his weekly fight and technical training sessions.

Plan Moving Forward:

Will is looking to compete in 2 months time (August 2019) so we are maintaining the speed and continuing to build mobility and joint integrity. There is a short time to build work and lactic capacity for fights and ensure the one thing we don’t need to worry about is fatigue related performance errors.

MN: Why did you choose to work with Muscle Nerds?

“I decided to work with the Muscle Nerds team after I decided I needed to actually be coached rather than program for myself. I’ve been in the Strength and Conditioning game for 10 years and I needed an objective view from someone who didn’t know me to take me to the next step of my athletic career.

I have a Strength and Conditioning background as well as playing many years of pro and semi-pro rugby, but after taking a new venture and training and competing at Brazilian Ju Jitsu I wanted to finally trust someone else with my programming and nutrition.

I chose the Muscle Nerds team based off their reputation of using science to drive their results as well as them expressing that they want your results to last.

My goals were simple, but I never knew how to elicit both performance and body composition change at the same time. I wanted to improve my performance as well as lean out and drop body fat. The aim was to drop a weight class from 100kg to 90kg.

During my program I reverted to things that I didn’t and couldn’t believe I would be able to do. Rugby took its toll on my body as well as I had a near career ending knee dislocation (being kicked by a horse, long story lol), I also had a dislocated shoulder and a abnormal amount of scar tissue and tightness through my joints due to hammering my body with as much weight as possible and playing week in week out. An example of this, I now able to overhead squat which I’ve never been able to do.

Shane and Luke flipped my programming aiming to improve my range of movement and speed. Something that even I couldn’t believe in as for years I was so limited in these ranges. I also had to trust the process. I’ve used a very sport specific style of training for years, but the difference was that I was taking programming for masses and not myself and my own body.

We also decided to work only pure speed and power and to be honest I haven’t lifted a super heavy weight throughout this program (which I was accustomed to). Instead, we used speed of the bar or movement to improve power and gymnastic based movements to improve my range of movement and strength.

The ‘make this a long-term journey’ approach has surely made me think twice about actually what a detailed scientific driven process can administer. This has now rolled over into my business as well as getting on board with the Muscle Nerds program design course.”