Steven Horwath – Turning Point Strength & Conditioning

Muscle Nerds was fortunate enough to be able to stop by and visit a long time friend and colleague Steven Horwath from Turning Point Strength and Conditioning. Steven trains a tone of pro-athletes, including a large portion of the fighters that come out of JacksonWink MMA Academy – that includes UFC fighters like Holly Holm & Jon “Bones” Jones.

Steven holds a B.A. in Kinesiology from New Mexico State University and is certified by the NSCA as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). He is a wealth of knowledge and is a SUPER clued on guy when it comes to the application of his knowledge, and the know-how of how to get great results from all of his clients, regardless of their level and goals.

We got to sit down with him and talk all things training and industry, and share with you some of his tips, advice, and knowledge on how he structures his programs and some of the cool techniques he uses to get his athletes that much more stronger, faster, balanced, and injury-proof!

Beware, it’s a long one! But well worth the watch.

0.06: Introduction;
1.26: Traits of Pro-Athletes;
2.32: How he customizes training for athletes;
4.26: Importance of asking your client how their day was;
6.44: Dangers of training general population people like pro-athletes;
8.26: Finding an athletes best performance physique;
9.40: Wingates Protocol;
18.15: Training stressed clients, ‪#‎LeastMode‬, & Intensity vs. Volume;
21.00: Typical Female Physique Athlete program, & the Physique Industry;
25.35: Tips on Training Metabolically Damaged Physique Athletes, & short-term challenges;
28.00: Nutrients & Supplements;
32.04: Benefits of Keiser Machine for athletes;
35.00: Benefits of Hip Thrust Machine & Glute Activation;
40.05: Where you can find Steven & Turning Point

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