Christa Carlson

Name: Christa Carlson

Location: Chicago, IL

Instagram: Christacfit

Coach: Luke Leaman

Client for: 10 months

Goals: WBFF Competition

Training Methods Used: In order of progress:

Muscle Nerds Back Loaded Structural Balance – Utilised to eliminate weak areas

Patient Lifter 6×2-4 – Utilised to assess strength and build base strength levels

3,6 Tetanic Facilitation – Utilised to improve strength levels 

Giant Sets – Utilised to reduce body fat and increase work capacity

Functional Hypertrophy Chin Up Spec – Utilised to build chin up strength and endurance

Maximal Strength + Javorek Conditioning – Utilised to build strength and conditioning 

Mechanical Advantage Tri-Sets – Utilised to build strength endurance

Giants Sets – Utilised to reduce body fat and increase work capacity 

Supercompensation – Utilised to increase body mass

Legs and Back Spec Phase – Utilised to increase musculature of legs and back

DUP Hypertrophy + 8X8 – Utilised to maintain lean body mass while dropping fat

MN: Why did you choose to work with Muscle Nerds?

“I firmly believe that all coaches should have a coach. I had worked with others in the past, but I was really looking for someone who could help me take it to the next level. Luke came highly recommended by a former colleague of mine. I wanted to step up my training game all while adding to my education as a coach myself. I didn’t want to slip in to a place of complacency with my training, both personally and professionally.”

MN: What do you feel your notable achievements have been since working with Luke?

“Where do I begin! To start, I have significantly improved my big lifts – specifically my front squat and deadlift. I thought my lifts were decent when I first started training with Luke, but he helped me break them down and make them seem flawless. I’m still amazed that I’ve had that much success on the training floor from someone who’s continents away. I’ve never felt more strong in my life.

Also, my relationship with food has changed. Like most people, food was always emotional for me. I used it as a coping mechanism; to ease stress. Little did I know, my body’s cravings were due to years of undereating. Luke convinced me to take in the nutrition my body needed in relation to my training and activity level outside of the gym. The stress that used to surround mealtimes is a thing of the past. I look at food in a whole new light and I am able to apply this to coaching my clients as well.

I’ve watched my body change significantly over the last 12 months. I came to Luke with goals of not only improving my body composition, but of being more athletic. I always felt like I walked around with “all show and no go.” I wanted to change that and I have. Not only are my lifts up, but I can sprint again too.

Lastly, I’ve struggled with SI joint pain for as long as I can remember. Before training with Luke, I’d have low back pain that would keep me laid up for up to a week every 4 weeks like clockwork. I haven’t had any issues with my SI or low back in over 9 months and am lifting more frequently than ever.”